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Why build this site? I bought this domain at least 3 years ago and have been pondering about what to publish, when and how. Always imagining a detailed design, perfect typefaces with a seamless integration pipeline and the latest technology; an absolute work of art. guess what? years go by looking for perfection so as the saying goes:

Perfect is the enemy of good ( supposedly Voltaire, maybe Charlie Brown)

Ok, so you built it, why am I here? Please stay around and read a little, I have homemade cookies and good books. Kidding aside, you can find here:

  • Hopefully, good posts about analytics, management and programming (heterogeneous I know)
  • Compilation of thoughts (i.e. good books to read for different occasions)
  • Personal Projects showcase or tutorials
  • My Professional Profile and experience

Thank you for visiting and please do click on my socials and share thoughts or contact me through the form!